Arthur’s Quest Slot Game Review

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There are many legends which can be found all around the world Arthur’s Quest Slot Game Review. Different place comes with different legend and we can make sure that each legend has deep meaning for the people. Nevertheless, there is kind of legend which is known worldwide. Many people of course have ever heard of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. People can say that this can be considered as the legend from British Isles Dark Age which is the most enduring. This is the legend which is used as theme for many things including the game. In the recent game world, people are able to find the game which comes with various genres. Of course people can find the casino game which can be considered as the adult game. There was a time when the slot game can only be played in the casino building but nowadays people can find many options of slot game which can be played online. Online slot game means that more creativity can be involved in the game including by using legend as the theme. King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table are used a lot as the theme of the slot game including for Arthur’s Quest.


Arthur’s Quest is kind of slot game which is pretty basic since it comes with five reels and there are only nine pay lines which can be found in the game. During the game processing, people can feel the cartoonish design of the game. The slot reels are set on the wall of Camelot famous castle. Unfortunately, people have to deal with the symbols which are drawn fairly badly in the game although it comes varied. The symbols include something like the Welsh flag, castle gate, Merlin, black horse, as well as the Holy Grail. People can also find the symbols of sword, crossed lances, as well as crossed axes which are also the representation of the wild symbol. If people find the sword as wild symbol, it only becomes substitution for other weapons. People are able to find three characters which become the bonus symbols. They include Guinevere, Merlin, and obviously Arthur. Each bonus symbol comes with different bonus feature which people can play for sure.

Arthur’s Quest Slot Game Review


The drawing of the symbol can be considered not interesting at all but people will not mind about it because they are able to get different bonus feature when they can land different bonus symbol. This feature surely can enhance the fun and interest when playing the slot game which comes with pretty common theme. The bonus feature can be triggered if people are able to land at least three bonus symbols with the same icons. Three symbols mean one time multiplier, four symbols mean two times multiplier, and five symbols mean three times multiplier. If people are able to land at least three symbols of Arthur, it means that they can trigger Sword in the Stone bonus game. There will be several swords on the display which must be clicked one by one to get the multipliers. The bonus round ends when people click the sword with ‘Finish’ option. The maximum prize can be found if people can get ‘Finish’ on the first click. Landing at least three Merlins anywhere on the slot reels mean that people can play the Pick a Spell bonus game. Four spells can be found on the display and people must choose one for getting the prize of magic bonus. If people can land at least three Guineveres, the Enchanted Dragonfly mini game can be entered. All that people have to do is just watching the dragonfly pick a fly for their lunch which will represent the multipliers.

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