Bullseye Bucks Slot Game Review

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Bullseye Bucks Slot Game Review, Fun thing can be found in many places with so many options. We can make sure that nowadays the fun thing can be accessed very easily with the technology especially the smart phone technology. Nevertheless, people cannot forget about the fun experience which can be found when they go to the fairground. Various kinds of fun activity can be found in the fairground and one of the most interesting attractions which can be found in this place must be the attraction where they can fire the pellets at the metal target.

It sounds simple but in fact there are many people who cannot win the game no matter how hard they try. Maybe people will not be able to find the fairground pretty often nowadays but the fun for playing the attraction can still be done with the game which takes the theme from the fairground. Bullseye Bucks surely becomes one of great game which people can try if they have great interest in slot game and they also want to enjoy kind of nostalgia from the past in the fairground.

Bullseye Bucks Slot Game Review

Bullseye Bucks Slot Game Review

Bullseye Bucks Slot Game Review

There is no more wait for the fairground which comes to town or wait for the spare time for visiting the casino game becomes this slot game can be the solution for people’s entertainment.


The theme of the slot game is pretty interesting. Bullseye Bucks comes with five slot reels. It is combined with the pay line which only comes in nine options. The game becomes the recreation of the shooting range which can be found in the attraction of the fairground. It is not the only thing which can be found for sure because people are also able to find the soft toy prize which cannot be won. During the game processing, people will be watched over by Pete who is a sullen teenager. The symbols which can be found in the game are all about the blank target when people are pressing the button of ‘Same Spin’. People will find the reels which are spinning. They will find the reels which are flip over instead from the left to the right and the symbol will be revealed. There are some symbols which represent the basic one including hot dog, toffee apple, clown, bottles, teddy bear, star, as well as ‘Miss’. They are all about things which can be found in the fairground. Candy floss becomes the wild symbol but it is only the hot dogs as well as toffee apples substitution that can help people to win the game. Bonus symbols can also be found in plastic duck, stuffed lion, and dollar icon with different bonus stage.

Bullseye Bucks Slot Game Review


If people are able to land at least three symbols of dollars on the reels which are adjacent, they can trigger Pete’s Payday Bonus. People just need to watch Pete’s boss handing the money which rolls until the generosity of the boss is running out. If they are lucky enough, Pete can get overtime from the boss. Two times multipliers can be found if this bonus stage is triggered by landing four symbols. Five means three times multiplier. Stuffed lions (three or more) which are landed on adjacent reels will trigger ‘Prize Pick!’ stage. There will be screen with several prizes which must be clicked for revealing the prize. The next stage with better prize can be found if people can choose four without finding Out of Stock. Three stages are possible after all. Jumbo prize which is found on the first click will mean the maximum win of twenty times multiplier. Landing at least three duck symbols means Duck Shoot stage. They have to shoot the duck to reveal the multiplier.

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