Can You Hold Your Poker Face in Aces & Faces Video Poker Game?

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Can You Hold Your Poker Face in Aces & Faces Video Poker Game?, The creative people from most trusted poker sites Microgaming company is back again with Aces & Faces, another cool and interesting variant in the genre of video poker game. This kind of genre allows its players a chance to play 100 card hands all at once. Basically, this concept is known within the community as one-hundred power poker and it is definitely something that many companies working within the industry use to meet the demands. As itself, the game is very rewarding with its concept and especially high amount of pay-outs when the players managed to hit the Four of a Kind, even more so if it’s consisted solely of royalty or Aces. The hands of many other typical poker games determine the amount of all pay-outs included in Aces & Faces game, while getting a Royal Flush will surely boost the player’s reward of winning up to a whooping four- hundred coins of jackpot. Nevertheless, if your interest is piqued with the mention of this game, then we present you Aces & Faces review.

Can You Hold Your Poker Face in Aces & Faces Video Poker Game?

Can You Hold Your Poker Face in Aces & Faces Video Poker Game?

Can You Hold Your Poker Face in Aces & Faces Video Poker Game?

As the title of the game suggested, “Aces & Faces” is the kind of game that will reward the players with face cards and mostly Aces. Of course, the other precious cards you should be concerned about are The King, Queen, and Jack. The game will reward the players when they get 4 aces, for instance. Then, it will reward other four-of-a-kind set of cards that exist within an inferior level and any other lower suits. Other than that though, this game bears resemblance to particular degree to things you will find on any other sorts of online poker games.

For novice, the game has options that can make playing exceptionally easier, such as the feature of Auto-play. Meanwhile, the game expert mode features automatic deal function on 5 or 10 hands. The game also has a comprehensive statistics to aid the players and they can make use of this to its fullest. It might adjust the game’s speed into four categories, which are fastest, fast, medium, and slow.

Can You Hold Your Poker Face in Aces & Faces Video Poker Game?

The Pros of This Game

The game has cool new angle in poker game that makes the players’ playing experience fresh and enjoyable. One of main positive points of this game is that it offers quite many variations in winning the games using good poker hands. Let’s not forget the fact that the existence of analytical tools as well as game statistics are really helpful in aiding the players catching the pace of the game. Last but not least is of course the Automatic play function which is accessible to players in different options.

The Cons of This Game

However, as always, a game also has its cons and this game is certainly not an exception. For one, the graphics can be quite distracting at times that while it is good and brilliant, it obstructs the sights of the hands. Many players might experience this difficulties sometimes as the hands sort of blend with the background. The fact that one-hundred hands can only be played at a time is also a disadvantage. Even the rules of this game itself can take some while to get used to.

The Verdict?

Regardless of some the game’s flaws though, we would still give this game a go for the fact that it offers a fresh variation in poker gaming. The players are able to enjoy a rather refreshing take on poker that can be thrilling and challenging. As this is a new variation of online casino poker game, it is no wonder that it’s gaining popularity by attracting so many players, novice or expert into its world. Try it out and see if this is your thing.

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