Cash Inferno Slot Game Review

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Cash Inferno Slot Game ReviewPeople can see that superhero becomes something which is loved by many people. Many people are obsessed with the movie and game which is based on superhero theme. Nevertheless, we can make sure that superhero is not something real which can be found in our daily life. If people are looking for the superhero in our daily life, fire fighter sounds like people who have very close representation of superhero who do things for saving people’s life. Many children have a big dream for becoming fire fighter and many adults had the same dream although they have career in very different path.

Cash Inferno Slot Game Review

Cash Inferno Slot Game Review

Cash Inferno Slot Game Review

There is no need to worry because fire fighter can be part of their way having fun. Many games come with the firefighter theme and we can make sure that Cash Inferno slot game which takes the basic theme from the fire can be great choice for anyone who has very great interest in fire fighter. There is no doubt that slot game is one of the most interesting and popular slot games which is played by many people who visit online or offline casino. The fun must be multiplied when it is packed in fire theme.


One thing which people can say about Cash Inferno slot game is that this is kind of slot game which is very interesting. The game looks pretty basic after all but there is no denial that this slot game is interesting because it comes with varied bonus features along with the game play. Fire emergency becomes one theme of the game but people will also find Sparky, a dog that can add the charm of animal when processing the game. Five reels can be found in the slot game combined with nine options of pay lines. The game title which can be found above the reel is blazing so people can make sure that during the game there is fire emergency in progress. Of course people will find the main symbols which are related to the theme. It includes the Dalmatian dog, fire extinguisher, burning match, fire hydrant, fire hose, and of course red flashing light. Sparky brings the fun and charm in the game because it becomes the wild symbol. People can also find bonus icons which are represented with several hats. If people are able to get the bonus symbol, it means that they can activate the bonus feature.


The slot game is interesting. The fire emergency theme is also interesting. But there is nothing more interesting than the bonus feature which can be provided by this game. The bonus can be found from the hats. They are fireman’s hats which can be found in three types. In the game, people can find the baseball cap, captain’s hat, as well as red hard hat. If people want to trigger the bonus feature, they have to land those bonus symbols. The bonus feature can be triggered if people are able to land three bonus symbols with the same picture on the adjacent lines. One thing, people can’t say that they are the scatter symbols. However, for activating the bonus feature, the bonus symbols must not be started on the very left reel on the slot game. If people can land three hats, they can get one time multiplier. Four hats mean two times multiplier and five hats mean three times multiplier. Entering the bonus stage, they will see the screen with several windows. They have to choose the window one by one for getting the multipliers. If they open window with ‘Finish’ option, it is the end of the bonus stage. However, all prizes belong to them if they can find ‘Finish’ on the very first pick.

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