How to Know If the Dealer Is Cheating In Any Casino Game?

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The live casino games are a played by people who come from various parts of the world. The amount of money is pretty big, and there are some parties who want to obtain this money by cheating. One of those parties is the dealer, so how to know if the dealer is cheating in any casino game?

How to Know If the Dealer Is Cheating In Any Casino Game?

How to Know If the Dealer Is Cheating In Any Casino Game?

How to Know If the Dealer Is Cheating In Any Casino Game?

The first dirty trick is that the live dealer removes some cards. Those cards are mostly, tens and aces, or second cards. Usually, the dealer marks the cards so they will know the cards by recognizing the marks.

The second trick if the dealer checks his watch more often, it can be detected that he is peeking the cards through the top of the card. Other than that, the dealer will draw the cards in different way, for example they will swish it rather than snap it. This kind of trick is very difficult to spot.

The next way to cheat is flipping an upward selectively, or switching the hole card. To detect this is to see whether the dealer flip the same cards or not. If not, the dealer more likely to cheat.

The dealer tends to do false shuffle and it mean that the dealer hides certain cards in a certain position. The dealer does this to control high cards. Besides, the dealer does the trick through the stacked decks. You need to pay attention if the dealer does weird things, such as during the shuffle, discards, or having marked cards.

Those previous ways are done by the dealer by manipulating the cards, and the following ways are done by manipulating the chips. The first is the dealer is more likely to perform certain magic trick to hide the black chip in his wrist watch. Other common places to hide the chip are in hair, up his sleeves, and down his pants. The movement is smooth and in spotting this trick, you need to have sharp eyes.

The last thing done by the dealer is by colluding with other player and this player is called the agent. They are conspiring to switch the second cards or switching the hole cards. This kind of trick is hard to spot and you need to carefully inspect it through the CCTV. If examined carefully, they are conspiring to steal the chips.

Many speculations arise from these issues and the casinos and players are mostly agreed that the dealers who are cheating to help the players. They are doing this since they do not want to favor the casino itself.

Other speculation is that the dealer does not want to cheat, but they only want to steal. The dealer does not want to cheat the players or the casino since he is provided with enough money in an honest game.

So, how to know if the dealer is cheating in any casino game? The best answer is that spotting the act of cheating is not easy and you need to have sharp eyes to know whether the dealer is cheating or not.

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