Marvel’s Femme Fatale Elektra is Back in This Cool Scratch Game!

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Marvel’s Femme Fatale Elektra is Back in This Cool Scratch Game!, There are a lot of popular Marvel superheroes and characters out there, and Elektra Natchios is definitely one of them. Inspired by an actual Greek myth of Elektra, Frank Miller of Marvel created the female assassin character back in 1981. This character’s popularity was immensely boosted after she made an appearance in Daredevil’s story, which is quite a hit on the industry. Because of this, Elektra inspired many other creations and games are not an exception. There’s at least two popular casino games inspired by Elektra, the first one was slot game and the second one was the scratch version. Both of these games are equally fun and interesting, but our article here will focus on delivering Elektra Scratch game review. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this article!

Marvel’s Femme Fatale Elektra is Back in This Cool Scratch Game!

Marvel’s Femme Fatale Elektra is Back in This Cool Scratch Game!

Marvel’s Femme Fatale Elektra is Back in This Cool Scratch Game!

Tough and sexy, it is not hard to see why Elektra is very charming. But on top of that, she’s also very ready to play in this game made by Cryptologic. With mesmerizing graphics and appealing gameplay, this game has become quite a popular staple within online casino gaming community. All the players need to do basically is to match up the picture of one of the many lethal weapons that Elektra has in a horizontal, vertical or even diagonal lines. Not only the players will progress by doing that, they will also be given a chance to open up a reward multiplier that can earn them big win up to ten thousand times of the value of your original card. The number of pay-out will be dependent on 3 things. The first one is a random value multiplier from one to twenty times. The second one is the amount of the bet or wager. The last one or the third one is the formed line.

Keep these three things in mind to win a big pay-out from this super rewarding game. The players are able to play this game by starting from meagre wager as little as 20 cents or even started high right off the bat up to the amount of 100 dollars. The maximum amount of pay-out that the player will get through, will be limited to only thirty-seven thousand euros. In order to start playing the game, the players are required to choose the card value at the beginning of every session. There will be nine cards covered as well as its hidden multiplier presented to the participants of the game. The players might scratch off these coverings either automatically using special clicking command or even manually by using their mouse. However, as rewarding as the game can get, sadly there is no bonus stages waiting for the player. The game is also lacking in progressive jackpot so for those who are looking for this one feature, be ready to let down for Elektra Scratch does not provide it.

The Graphics and Interface of the Game

The graphics of the game is awesome, it is quite detailed and appealing. The interface of this game is what you should expect though, as more or less, it is similar to the design of many other online scratch games. The game includes all the basics of course; decks of cards, multipliers, control panels, help sections as well as buttons that are standard to a typical scratch game. This game can also be found in many online casinos, and all the players need to do is to choose which one they are the most comfortable playing in. The verdict? Well if you love scratch card game and you love Elektra, then you should play this game. Not really interested in Elektra but want to try a scratch game that features a cool femme fatale? Also try this one out.

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