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When it’s about gambling online with ease and comfort Trusted live casino gambling website in Malaysia comes to mind first of all. It is the most trusted online casino in Malaysia because it comprises of many superb features, live mobile app Baccarat, Blackjack and Sicbo for both Android and IOS. Along with old traditional games, we have seasoned our gambling website with ultra-modern games like “3 picture” and “Baccarat Super 98”. It is also called as “power baccarat 98”in European countries.

These games will give you goose bumps. When you will play with our website the perks and privileges of being qq288 live casino member will make you glad in a real sense. We provide a significant guideline to gamblers by giving detailed introductions and tutorials on new games. Here we are discussing a new game “Baccarat Super 98”.

In gambling online Baccarat super 98, you can bet money on both player hand and banker hand as in classical or conventional Baccarat. Cards are specified values by the same method as in baccarat. The new gist it introduces is the rolling of the die before cards are dealt. Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia

It is played from four to eight decks of cards. Bets are available on

 Player: a player will account higher total than the banker.

 Banker: banker will account higher total than the player.

Tie: banker and player will total same.

Player pair: first two cards dealt by the player will be same. For example (jack & jack), (7 & 7) any outcome other than pair will result in loss of the bet.

Banker pair: first two cards dealt by banker will be a pair.

 Player natural 8: first two cards dealt by the player will eventually make a total of 8.

Player natural 9: first two cards dealt by the player will eventually make a total of 9.

Banker natural 8: first two cards dealt by banker will make 8. If the total of 8 is not secured, you will lose your bet.

 Banker natural 9: first two cards dealt by banker will make 9. No total of 9 will let you lose your bet.

Before it deals cards, a die is rolled, if the die lands on 3 the hand will be denoted as “power hand” and other hands will be treated as “normal hand”.  The gist of “power hand” is the insurance of grander payouts on special wins in casino website. If “power hand” wins game by a “natural” it will significantly get paid more than a “normal hand”.

Bets on player: Power hand gets payout of 1.05% and Normal hand can get paid up to 1% and if it comes out a tie 0 will be paid to both the hands.

Bets on banker: Normal hand will get paid 0.95% and power hand will get payout of 1%.

Bets on the tie: if normal hand wins, it will get 8% as payout and if power hand’s prediction of a tie comes out true it will get a payout of 10%.

Banker pair: normal hand will get 11% payout and power hand 15%.

Player pair: payouts for the player pair are same as those of banker pair with normal hand receiving 11% payout and power hand receiving 15%.

On all sort of natural 8 and 9 bets, normal player will get 8% and power player 9%.

Super baccarat 98 is an amazing game which significantly increases the chances of more payout and when you are playing it with qq288 Malaysia casino chances are even higher. We guarantee 100% cash back. If you want to rejoice again and again from our website become our member!

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